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Acepto la condiciones de uso y la política de privacidad

Acepto la condiciones de uso y la política de privacidad




Smartphone apps and
web solutions engineering

We develop your ideas to create costumized solutions We create code to improve your business We analyze your project to define your IT strategy We provide intelligence to your business 11 years and more than 300 proyects, thank you!

Our essence,
the development of IT solutions

Once we have understood the process, we will propose a technological strategy that will evolve your business. In most cases they will be web interface and mobile application development, and in others, the engineering team will have to look for the right technology to achieve that competitive advantage for your target market.

Android & iOS

As the ecosystem around the Android and iOS operating systems has grown, we have been acquiring development capabilities to meet the challenges of all devices.


Our technology allows the monitoring of processes, machines and systems through a browser. In addition, we develop specific CMS, creating information systems adapted to any devices.

Security & Access

Security is a critical point in any information system; so we perform load and safety tests before a real-life deployment.


We create products and solutions in line with the corporate image of the company. We develop designs that adapt to multiple devices such as mobile, tablet, laptop... or wearable.


We create systems with a satisfactory use experience, following patterns of common established in the consumers of this type of products.


For a better approximation to the final result we use tools that allow you to simulate, analyze, see and touch the idea before developing it.


We adapt the solutions to systems already implemented in the client. We develop connectors and create new working methods to look for the efficiency of the process.

Cloud solutions

We based the solutions on the technology that allows Internet. We share data and resources that provide us the client network to adapt the solution to their reality.

Custom made solution

Thanks to our multisectoriality, we acquire knowledge that is transferable to any other market, making a solution unique in its implementation.

We like to live what we do

AKTING is an engineering company located in the Technological Park of San Sebastián, dedicated since 2007 to provide technological solutions for the optimization of processes and services to our customers, in order to increase the speed of execution and profitability.

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The ideas are of our customers,
each solution is a new challenge

Each client is different, therefore we adapt our methodology to achieve unique solutions and measures for each order.